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jimhacking329 karma

So I don't think it is a given that the U.S. "must have this," but rather that we historically have. Since the passage of the 14th Amendment, anyone born in the U.S. is considered a U.S. citizen. Mr. Trump has not articulated any good reasons as to why we should do away with this.

Apparently, his goal is to have the issue litigated in the Courts. His thought is that if he issues an executive order, that it will be litigated in the federal courts and will eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

It is interesting that he is left to use an executive order given the GOP's wailing and gnashing of teeth when President Obama used executive orders to protect undocumented young people from deportation. Trump's immigration proposals have gone no where and he is left to resort to executive orders.

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An individual can ask for asylum anywhere in the U.S.

They can also ask for asylum at a port of entry.

The problem at the border is that CBP is not allowing people to make asylum claims at the port.

This is illegal and contrary to our laws.

Individuals should be allowed to make their asylum claims at the border, but Trump won't let them.

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Who is to say that we cannot do both. Giving U.S. citizenship to a newborn does not impact the country's ability to care for the homeless. Why is it an either or?

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You cannot apply for asylum unless you are in the U.S. or at a port of entry. So I don't think you could apply for asylum ahead of time.

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They won't be coming back to undo citizenship to those previously granted.

That would be nearly impossible.

But an interesting question and I understand why you are concerned.