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Which would you rather discover, 100 comet-sized Jupiters, or a Jupiter-sized comet?

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I’ve read in interviews that you’ve said it’s all in Bateman’s head, however it seemed to be polarizing among those who read the book first (which I did) versus those who saw just the movie. Do you think this was a goal of Harron and the screenwriters?

(FWIW, I’m grateful the habitrail scene was omitted.)

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I don’t disagree. I think the debate between AP’s reality versus imaginary was always interesting. Thanks very much for the response.

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Ha, I actually knew the gist of that scene prior to reading it (and it actually put me off reading that for a time), but I was definitely unprepared for actually reading that part.

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Follow up, as I had little to think about on my walk home from class: if you were to compress the size AND mass of Jupiter down to the size of an average comet, what would be the result?