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Edited : Heatly congratulations for reintroducing the practice of Stoicism to this century, but I have a question : Why dont we read "Meditations : Marcus Aurelius " right from the original book itself for better effect? That book is old and is immeasurably contented.

What have you incorporated into your books that separate your work from Marcus's writings? Why should we read your books along with reading Meditations? Is there some good advice for this modern life in your books?

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Thank you for the reply. The issue is

*Stoicism is an old practice, and it may work

*'Meditations' is an old, still a wonderful book

*Times have changed, and applicability of Stoicism may have too in a higher stimulus outside world, city life, ambitions, easy options etc..

SO, can your modern life still be stoic without cutting from 'distractions' or 'life's funs?', 'slights?', 'feelings?', 'emotions?', 'puns and jokes?', if I am a bothead sort of person you know? When is stoicism applicable for me? When should it not that'd depress me? Well, what is stoicism really about rather than learning to behave in tough times? Is that going to make you a loner rationaliste and not live your life cheerfully from the 'bottom of your heart' as Marcus praises?