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I had a few questions, mostly about technical specs and not really design related, so I'm not sure they'll be answered, but here goes anyway...

-What's the maximum resolution the Surface RT can output externally?

-Will there ever be a desktop dock for either variety of Surface to give us more USB ports and a separate audio out (so that that stuff doesn't have to be plugged in and unplugged every time at a desk, the device could just "Click in" to that as well)?

-With the new Office 2013 subscriptions that Microsoft will be pushing, is anything going to be done to prevent the "double-dipping" of including Office RT with this?

-Will there be any Microsoft-approved solution for connecting to wired ethernet? On the rare occasion, some hotels (in addition to my office building) don't have Wifi.

-Why no NFC?

-How much user-accessible space is available on each model Surface RT?

-Finally, a pretty important one for those of us who plan on using the device for OneNote or for art, any word yet on what technology the Surface Pro will be using for its pen digitizer? Is it Wacom, N-trig, Perceptive Pixel, or some other option? And why was it decided this wasn't necessary for the RT variant? I'd have loved if I could use a real pen and not a capacitive stylus for my OneNote stuff on the Surface RT.

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I realize you're not experts on the UI, but seriously, why is it that Metro IE overrides any zoom settings that I have?

I want my internal display on the Surface at 125% and my external display to be 100%. If I set the Surface to 125%, it switches the external to 83%. If I switch the external to 100%, it switches the Surface to 150%.

I'm all for stuff like this as default, but maybe let me override the app instead of letting it continue trying to outsmart me?

(Not that it's as relevant in Metro apps, but the desktop scaling factor is 125% on both the Surface and my external monitor).

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You mean you plug in mini-DisplayPort, USB 3.0, and the power cord to go to work, don't you?

Surely you can see how for future revisions, a single docking connector to provide all of those in one cord would be much better?

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Makes sense, but at the same time, wouldn't providing a (dirt cheap at this point) USB flash drive with the recovery image in the box have given nearly the same end result, while also removing this whole disk space issue?

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That brings up a good question. Does anyone on the Windows team actually use Windows Phone? Because it's hard to believe that anyone who had used WP would not think to include a Me tile on Windows 8.