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What reform steps would you suggest?

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u/Rick_Smith_Axon What about the police union Question?

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u/Rick_Smith_Axon I feel like the disclosure portion would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to enforce. I don't know if could agree that hiring an investigator should be a disclosable action. Funding a negative press campaign can be washed so it won't be directly tied to the investor. I do agree that shorts should be public info and not simply reported twice a month. Just making them real time public information would decrease their use broadly.

I also believe that there needs to be an SEC oversight / appeal as you stated that you brought the situation to their attention and they basically shrugged you off. As well as the inaction of the most recent GME events and now rumors that they're investigating reddit users rather than clear market manipulators.

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Do you now force your assistant use a letter opener?

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Too slow compared to electricity is my guess.