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i heard he went into lockdown and wouldn't come out until he had fixed it :)

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I think it would be v hard for it to "boom" (like explode out of nowhere like it did in the 2000s) again, but it will surely grow, and I'm optimistic that it will grow to be an even larger industry than before (over the long run, could take a decade or more). like Yoda says, "hard to see, the future is." totally applies to the future of online poker - there are so many known and unknown variables at play at all times

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on 2M2MM, the production team famously had to break down two doors of his (he won the master bedroom and it was so ballin it had two doors he could lock to keep people out) to wake him up for a shoot towards the end of filming.

we did wake him up, and he had a piece of that action - so it was a more pleasant awakening than the times we'd prank wake him by telling him all the pizzerias in NY were on strike or the house was on fire

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the most absurd prop bet I've been involved in involves Eliii Manning and sixty thousand dollars. Emil Patel (whitelime - we were on 2M2MM together and roommates in NYC for several years) and I - diehard Giants fans fresh off Super Bowl helmet catch glory - were drunkenly dinner-ing with another high stakes online poker player who did not believe Eli would ever win another Super Bowl. words were slurred and a bet was hashed out: we had Eli for career SB victories, our friend drew up a list of his top 7 QBs in the league at the time (his argument was that Eli wasn't a top 7 QB, and his list: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Tony Romo, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees... and David Garrard) and we got to choose whoever we wanted to compete against Eli. we picked Garrard and thanks to Eliiiiiiiii Manning we're now freerolling on a $60k drunk prop bet :D

brag: I sat in front of Eli on a plane to Cabo and thanked him profusely for his first win, wishing him luck in the future. I didn't tell him about the bet, but I think this rungood is indirectly responsible for the 2012 win

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maybe best question anyone has ever asked.

Ashton Griffin - Wolverine

Phil Galfond - Professor X

Ben "Sauce" Sulsky - Beast

Ziigmund - Thor

Dani Stern - The Incredible Hulk

Vanessa Selbst - Jean Grey

Aaron "aejones" Jones - Iron Man

Jennifer Harman - Storm

Erik Seidel - Captain America

Chris Ferguson - Gambit

not a superhero but Howard Lederer is totally Kingpin. (actually, Kingpin might have to be Ivey...)