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First off, I love you guys, especially your Playbooks! I read all three everyday! Two quick questions: Are there any fun facts or other interesting things that you do as a journalist that we wouldn't know about by reading your Twitters?

Do you have any funny or interesting stories from your years as journalists?

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Ok that pope thing was interesting. I don't think that the first one is as cut and dry as you make it seem. Besides that I disagree but really don't feel like getting in a debate about it. Thanks for the response though and even though I disagree with a lot of it I highly respect you for giving up so much to teach others about Jesus.

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First to give some context I am Christian with a fairly strong belief in Jesus but I have many strong disagreements with the Catholic Church. Anyway my questions 1. If morals are absolute (vs relative) does everyone who kills in war do something morally wrong? 2. If everything that the pope says is right (papal infallibility) then does that mean that the pope that ordered the crusades was right and that it was good that all of those soldiers killed so many people in God's name just to have control of Jerusalem? Do you think that that is really what Jesus wanted? Also was Simony right because the Pope said so? 3. The Bible clearly states that Jesus had siblings. Why do you think that Mary was always a virgin then? Also on the subject of Mary is there any reason other than the one passage in Revelations that (maybe) alludes to her on a Throne in Heaven that makes you think that she never sinned or had original sin and that she rose up to heaven without dying? I mean even if it was about her couldn't the image just personify her soul as her body? Or maybe everyone has a body in Heaven. Note that those are just a few of my disagreements.