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Having read his book and knowing a bit of his story, I can answer your first question. He exchanged gunfire with someone during a drug deal. He was shot, too. The other man died.

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He hasn't gotten out. He is communicating to us from death row.

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Keith, do you believe you will be free someday? Have you gotten some indication from the courts, your writing, your advocacy work, and/or the prison system that your case is moving toward a more just outcome?

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Not that this excuses his behavior, but the man...a drug addict...also shot him.

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I was 22 years old with a college degree...and my coworkers made the job miserable. Many of them had no options besides the good state job they had. Not only did I know I had other options, but I was dying to go to grad school. I earned a Ph.D. and became a university professor.