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I'm a strong independent trash wheel. I don't need no garbage man.

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I cry like a little bitch

No. You cry like a grown ass man.

Edit: And there is nothing wrong about it.

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dont forget, sometimes you're so full on one side they can hop out of the pile.

Have you thought about installing a cat exit only door?

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now what if you were limited to $20

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I'm in a crisis com class they hammer into us: There is not a single instance when an organization apologies and was used against them as a form of evidence.

There are many other sources of evidence prosecution could use instead. This would be if there was literally nothing else available.

Edit: Any company that avoids apologizing (when it's genuinely their fault) usually have a shitty communications team that is too heavily influenced by it's General Counsel.

Generally the formula for a solid corporate response is:

  1. We screwed up
  2. Recognizing how the other party is feeling
  3. Things that we will do right now.
  4. Things that you can do right now.