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its actually john who shouts"WHOAH.. fucking hell"because the sound engineers sent the inserts on john's headphones of Pauls vocals came through really loud just as they where building to the chorus so john threw his headphones off and muttered it.

ALSO a FUN FACT about hey jude recording, before the drums ever came in..Ringo snuck off for a toilet break and came back literally bang on when the drums were supposed to come in, much to Macca to remark "he has impeccable timing"

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What did you think of the British before/during and after the war?

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Brilliant response :) Thank you for taking the time out and answering my question :) have a cracking day Mr Howard.

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What advice would you give to a 21 year old for job interviews, successful work ethic and how to style one's self to create a lasting positive image on a client or employer?