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This right here what you think your time and labor is worth in the added cost. I took a chocolate making class once and realized truffles are relatively simple in principle, but require many steps and the instructor pointed out that is why a tiny truffle costs so much. How many steps you had to do to reach the final product compared to just a simple filled piece of chocolate.

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I'm not a professional but I think properly tempering chocolate is key to a good shine. Tempering your chocolate is basically heating chopped chocolate to a certain temperature, then throwing in some more chopped chocolate until it cools down into another set temperature. Another fancy way of tempering is to move the chocolate back and forth with spatulas on a marble slab to cool it to desired temperature.

This is what creates a high gloss and makes for sturdy chocolate, not one that will melt easily. When a chocolate isn't tempered it "seizes" and does crazy stuff like bloom and look dull or can be grainy.

There are lots of videos on how to temper chocolate so definitely try it out.

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Do you live in MA and if so are you a member of the French Cultural Center? They have lots of fun events if not!