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I think most conspiracy theories are appealing because you get to feel as though you are right and the majority of everyone is wrong.
I was into conspiracies for a few years in college and I loved the rush of the fear mixed with the superiority complex it gave me. The stories are entertaining. Imagining they are true gives you the same kind of rush as watching a horror movie and coming home to a dark house afterwards, wondering if your house could be haunted too.
At the end of the day, I decided to stop researching conspiracy theories because it filled me with anxiety and it was hard to focus on work or school. Eventually after being away from that world long enough I relearned science and how to find credible sources. I still get excited at the prospect of a conspiracy theory being true and still read about some that are truly impossible to know, but I am so much more skeptical and do not think lizard people are sucking the blood out of children now.

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Why did you do an AMA on 9/11?