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I see that ReviewMeta uses an "Adjusted Rating" system, rather than assigning a letter grade (A - F) like FakeSpot does. Why did you decide to use the system you did?

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It looks like the main function of ReviewMeta is to copy & paste in an Amazon product URL to see the analysis of its reviews. Don't get me wrong... that's an awesome function... but it seems like it would be cool if there was a SEARCH function that allows me to actually search for a product I'm looking to buy. This way, I could actually START my shopping at ReviewMeta & then go to Amazon to buy the product I want that has good, real reviews (rather than starting my shopping on Amazon & then using ReviewMeta to check it before buying it).

Do others agree that a SEARCH function would be useful?

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How quickly are things changing in the world of fake reviews? How are sketchy Amazon sellers changing their techniques as time goes on & as Amazon plugs the loopholes in their review system?

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Other than fake reviews themselves, what other "games" do unscrupulous Amazon sellers play? And is ReviewMeta able to detect them and warn buyers about them?