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Hey RJ,

My nephew was born 3 months premature due to an infection. He ended up having a stage 4 brain bleed on his right side, and a stage 3 on his left. The docs told my sister he wouldn't make it and if he did, he would basically be a vegetable. He now is about to turn 4 years old, has mild cerebral palsy but is walking (with little tiny ankle braces) fairly well, talking like a 4 year old should, and has proved everyone wrong.

He always says he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up, and your story has brought a ton of hope and inspiration to our family.

Would it be possible to get a note and maybe a signature from you to give to him? His birthday is December 21st.

jerrylikeseggs7 karma

Thanks for the reply and support! We will definitely try some of those therapies.

Have a great weekend!