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Hi Sharon! It seemed to me that the more you recycle plastic, the worth the quality of the plastic itself gets... So, is there another option than stop using plastic? Another thing I heard is about a fungus(I think!) that would eat plastic. Any news about that discovery? Thanks in advance,

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Thanks a lot for your clear explanation! So let's stop using plastic (or most of it), and let those fungus eat the one that's been produced already. BTW, I found the article about it, for those interested. https://leapsmag.com/plastic-eating-mushrooms-let-you-have-your-trash-and-eat-it-too/

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That's why I stopped buying industrial products like these. I am not saying we should all do our own products, but the less ingredients the better...

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Sorry to hear that! We'll, luckily these days there is a big boom for zero waste stuff. Have a look into it. I found some nice shampoo (solid or with bottle made out of sugar cane), solid toothpaste and the classic soapbar (I buy it in bulk, 1kg from LA Corvette or fer à cheval in Marseille, France). https://www.savon-de-marseille.com/gb/marseille-soap/36-marseille-soap-olive-bar-4kg-3519590210326.html