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I'm an American living in Germany. I pay $93/month for private health insurance and everything is covered. No co-pays. No deductibles. I just go to the doctor, specialist, whoever, and that's it. And - my doctors here have been more thorough than my US doctors. The US needs universal, comprehensive health insurance for everyone and it is possible.

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Hey Betty! Thanks for doing an AMA!

I'm a political science student working to understand the challenges facing women in America and one of my big questions is why we're still fighting many of the same battles that we were fighting in the 70s. What has your experience as a women in the entertainment business been like, and what changes have you noticed (for better or for worse) for professional women over the course of your career?

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So far they haven't been any worse than what I've seen in the US. I'm genuinely shocked every time I call the Hausartz and have an appointment either the same day or next. I recently had my first dentist appointment and they scheduled a second appointment for a filling within two weeks which wouldn't happen with my dentist in the US. It took me a little bit longer to get in to see an ADHD specialist, but it was during Christmas holidays and with Covid it makes sense.

Maybe it is worse for more specialized issues, but overall I've had a better experience with wait times here than in the US.