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What's something I can do (or not do) that I might not have thought of which would really make my flight attendants' jobs easier for the flight?

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How do you get your confidential documents? How can us ex-Mormons do a better job at getting more confidential documents online?

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This can get down voted to hell, but I need to say it anyway... As someone with a family member who has done this (taken off travelling without telling anyone first and no contact during prolonged "adventures")... This is a really shitty thing to do. I understand people can have valid reasons for not wanting to stay in contact with their family, but there is no reason why you couldn't start these grand adventures by sending a freaking postcard to ONE member of your family (or extended family) saying "I am ok. I am choosing to go on a trip across the country for the next 8 months. I will not be in contact with you again, but I am ok".

That fucking postcard that would take you twenty seconds to write could stop a whole shitload of grief and anxiety for your family. Also could save them a few thousand hours calling hospitals and homeless shelters across North America, trips flying across the country or world to follow up on fruitless tips from strangers, etc.

Your family are still human beings. If you can tell the entire internet your story, please consider just sending them (or someone who knows them... Fuck, just send it to your local police station) a postcard letting them know you are alive and well.

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