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My wife has endometriosis as well. It's been terrible. We had a baby and during her pregnancy she didn't feel any pain. Now it's back but she does her best to focus on the good stuff around her. It sucks being her spouse and unable to help. I wish y'all well

jenlikesanimals1 karma

Thanks. You know my wife never experienced pain until she went in for an unrelated operation. The doctor saw endometriosis, thought it would affect our chance of having a kid and we opted to have it cut out. Turns out that wasn't our main issue and it sent my wife into a tailspin. Probably two years of depression, plus everything she ate made her feel thanksgiving full. We became vegetarians. We worked out. We became gluten free. Notice I say we... Nothing really helped. Luckily we were able to have a kid because that's what started all of this and she's a welcome distraction.