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Sometimes I feel so bad, I don’t want to ‘anything’ or do something worthless. After that time, I feel sadness over that. What is your advice to avoid this kind of vicious cycles?

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Mostly I am genuinely happy person. Failure does not scare me. Even though I fail some of my exams in the university. Life constantly turns out to be good for me. I wake up early and every single day I exercise. Improving my English and honing my programming skills. Have a diary and write everyday about books, music or movies. Recently I got invited to a firm to the position of International Representative.

That kind of times comes when I am unaware. I realize when I am in the middle of it. Thank you though. I will try to be better.

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You realized you are gonna die soon and after some time again you realized you are gonna live long. As a person who had been this emotional road, what would you recommend suicidal people?