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jenbunz13 karma

For people who struggle with substance issues, will this be a big downfall for a number of people?

Also same kind of question regarding chronic pain sufferers, work takes our mind off of pain and gives life substance and reason, is it typical for us to see more flare ups due to less movement, and or more depression that comes with chronic pain. What can we do to not go batshit crazy when the pain is the only thing nagging you and its impossible to concentrate on a book or even tv show.

jenbunz7 karma

Thanks for your response, its greatly appreciated. Chronic pain sufferers are very rarely acknowledged as they don't see blood dripping from us or sitting in a fetal position.

I am lucky I got into a specialist when I did because the percocet started doing nothing for the pain, and when it's chronic pain, it can be heightened immensely by stress, or just lack of thinking or moving.

I am worried for my fellow chronic pain sufferers during this time as I know the nagging, knawing pain can drive you crazy and may lead certain people to medicate in other ways.

I am a sufferer of past addiction and now chronic pain and it is hurting every part of my being to be so isolated with both things hanging beside me.