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Hey Zach! Longtime fan of SMBC here. Do you plan on engaging with more overly political topics in the future, or is this a one-off deal?

Also, in the forward to the book you mention that you're looking to find a long-lost family member. Has anyone contacted you about that yet? Best of luck regardless!

And for both of you, do you feel the book is being received better, worse or about the same as expected?

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Tl;dr wikipedia is somewhere in between 'pretty good' and 'great' with the largest complaints coming from quality of writing and more obscure fields.

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This is amazing! I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but I never would have believed that marijuana could help asthma without that source. It just goes to show how useless intuition is when it comes to medicine. Thanks for informing me!

Ninja edit: I'd like to repost that article on a few subreddits. Would you mind? I don't want to steal your delicious karma.

Edit: As the commenters below have pointed out. This is only true for acute THC administration. Long-term smoking is not good for your lungs.

Double-edit: Here's my post to /r/everythingscience.

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What evidence is there for the external validity of tests like the IAT? Are we certain we're studying biases rather than familiarity for example?

Additionally, as someone pursuing a career in science, how can I make sure I view others based on the merits of their work, rather than letting my unconscious bias take over?

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Copyright law is in desperate need of reform. These laws ought to exist to promote art, not stifle it.