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Hey man!

How did you realize Hasbro was undercutting your royalties?

What are you doing for fun these days??

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I toured a poop factory as a young man with my class. The tour guide told us if we need to throw up, to just throw up into the poop. He also said don't flush your condoms. I saw a lot of poop and condoms that day.

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It was Vince Gilligan who specifically sought out comedians. I'll have to paraphrase, but it was essentially about how dramatic actors can't do comedy but comedic actors can do drama, and the power of the natural timing of comedians. You brought up some good names, Jim Carry was great in Eternal Sunshine for example.

On a side note, I'm excited to see Vince Vaughn in True Detective this year for all these reasons and more.

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Hey Chris!

Do you ever reach the point where you think you just can't deal with this anymore? How, if at all, has your approach changed over the course of the program?

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Thank you! And good luck with your band Hanson!