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On a recent tour of China you reimagined an iconic Peking Opera as a m/m love story. It was very well received and won you a lot of fans. Do you feel your critics are missing the way art can win hearts and minds? Were you nervous about how the audiences would react?

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It was really beautiful. Kudos to you, Hao Zhang, and the Artistry on Ice team. For anyone who hasn't seen it: http://youtu.be/59o7H0O-0eg

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I recently saw on Twitter that "To Russia With Love" has secured an international distributor. Great news! Will it also be making the festival circuit?

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Why do you think ladies’ singles is the perennial favorite in the US? Couldn’t an audience be built for our strong ice dance teams if the media gave them any coverage? It seems like NBC is shooting itself in the foot by pushing ladies when we don’t have strong participants. Thoughts?

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An article published during the Sochi Olympics mentioned the side-eye and snickering you endured from the guards meant to protect you as you went through the security check-point at Iceberg Palace.

It sounded humiliating, but from comments you've made in the past I'm guessing it's nowhere near the first time you've come across that kind of thing. In your opinion, why is it OK to mock feminine men, even in this "more tolerant" day and age? Is it their refusal to check one box or the other that makes people uncomfortable?