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Right??? It's a cheap conversation starter with the family: what should we buy if we win this ticket? And in a lot of states, the profits are going to the most inoffensive cause they can find in the state budget, like schools. I'd rather buy a lottery ticket than overpriced chocolate from a fundraiser.

I always find the comments about how it's a "stupidity tax" obnoxious as hell. Dude, I know my chances are low-- it's a game, not an investment strategy.

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I have read prognosticators who warn of a "post-antibiotic age" where AMR is endemic worldwide: routine surgery becomes highly risky, people die of easily treatable infections, etc. Grim stuff.

Is AMR a threat like climate change, where we're on course for such a world unless we make drastic changes now? Or are those predictions exaggerated, meant to inspire change but not likely to actually come to pass?

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While waiting for an answer, you might check out https://eia-global.org/blog-posts/new-report-highlights-rspo-auditing-practices-builds-on-peru-malaysia-case-study

That being said, I really hope they answer this, because they seem pretty into the RSPO certification, which I had always suspected was kind of a greenwashing effort. But I'm also a believer in supporting positive change instead of giving up on the industry and leaving it to the consumers with no standards. So I don't know!

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Thanks for taking the time to respond. Have a good evening.