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"Pull yourself up by the bootstraps" is meant to be ironic. You can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Which makes unironic use of the term even more laughable.

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What are the consequences if they do take it in, say, a park?

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Sorry if I wasn't clear.

Saying you're not allowed to do it in public sounds like some legal thing.

What are the legal implications of doing it somewhere in public? Obviously they dead already but does the family get a fine?

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For Blacksmith:

What is the appeal of a hammerbot? I started getting in to watching BattleBots with the reboot and I have yet to see any of the handful of hammerbots do anything particularly destructive or even significant. I've been told there were powerful hammerbots back in the day, but I haven't seen anything impressive thusfar. BETA jammed Lucky's flipper in their fight, but that's the single instance of a hammer doing visible damage I can think of. Hell, even the pulverizers in the corners of the arena have appeared to be more for show than anything.

So why go with the hammerbot design, Blacksmith?

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Wow, they did this at my school too (I live in AZ) and I had no idea this was the change in curriculum we have been told about. Currently taking AP US History, the change in curriculum our teacher and others has been talking about was a "reform of the rigor of APUSH, exchanging meticulous facts for overarching ideas and applying these ideas." Basically we focus on and are tested on things like trade relationships, government philosophies, etc. instead of knowing about specific battles and the effects of individual acts and laws. Nobody has been told, and nobody has mentioned, that the change in curriculum also gave way to a biased look in favor to our country. But now that you mention it that's definitely what is going on and it's nothing like the seemingly unaffiliated stance our curriculum has taught in past history classes.