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Do you think your other senses have improved, like hand and eye coordination? This could be an advantage.

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That is seriously deep mate. The only question I have is, what do you think your calling in life would have been had you not had lost your parents?

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Hi Ron, I hope I'm not to late;

I think it's fair to say most of us are child like in envy that you've been in out of space, I can only imagine the awe inspiring sensation when experiencing zero gravity and looking back at Earth.

I hear that a lot of astronauts get an overwhelming feeling of compassion for man kind as whole, and a general sense that on the grand scheme of things our petty wars, greed and fights over trivial things are meaningless and we should all get along and prosper for a common goal, I'm not sure if I'm wording this correctly but did the experience change your perspective on life? Does it ever feel like we should fund and advocate for global peace, and unity as we continue and make the next big leap of faith together, differences aside?

Also, have you had the chance to have a play around with the SpaceEngine game?

I'll look forward to your film! Take care.