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jediforhire40 karma

Why does the media only wait for civil unrest before reporting on police brutality? The data is there, the complaints are on file, it happens time and time again.. isn't the media suppose to be the watch dog of the government?

Maybe I'm ignorant to how it works, but it seems when the media picks up a story of gross misconduct and they stick with it ,change happens. But when it's not reported on or is only covered once for evening news nothing changes...

Hell, your own people are getting trampled on and abused, so why did it take so long. And do you think the coverage will stop once the protests stop?


jediforhire4 karma

That's not how it works... that's not how any of this works.

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You asked them their name, which throws out all anonymity.


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Yeah, you're right. Killing people isn't brutal enough to report on nationally.