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jedi_timmy21 karma

I'm also IVF donor conceived ( unfortunately I have no way of ever finding my anon donor dad or potential half siblings due to Australian gov restrictions and lack of documentation in the early-mid 1980s ) and I just wanted to tell you this is really cool to see and read.

Did meeting some of your half-siblings or your dad, reconcile a lot of feelings (i.e. loneliness, confusion, isolation) for you and do you feel different about yourself now that you know them? How close are you with your half-siblings?

jedi_timmy15 karma

It's very reassuring and moving to read about how you felt meeting them, and how you feel about them now. I completely get it and I hope that I can one day experience it. That kind of understanding about your self and a more self-assured outlook are two things that I've always felt lacking and I've always believed it's because I'm living without all of the jigsaw pieces, if you know what I mean...

I spent a lot of time researching the possibilities of locating my donor dad through official channels a few years ago but I literally got absolutely nowhere. I thought that's the logical first step but after reading this maybe tracking down half siblings would be a more worthwhile option. My mum is not very helpful or forthcoming with relevant information, for whatever reason that may be. I'll take your advice and use social media as another path to possibly finding some answers. Thanks for your time, it was really nice chatting to you. :)