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Welcome to Reddit! Boy, have YOU come to the right place. In your experience, what advice would you give to someone dealing with a five year relationship that has ended. And, how long before one should date again before emotions can be trusted again?

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Not mine, happily married for 29 years. My son is in this situation and buggered if I know how to help him. He has known 'Tara' since childhood and they are still very close but she has clearly moved on and I can see it is eating him alive. He is 26, very bright and zero problems with confidence in himself. He just looks like he has been run over by a truck. The breakup was in December. And thank you SO much for your time. And Reddit, too, because it seems the right AMA has been there for me on a consistent basis.

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Hello Reddit is honored to have you back. My question is why 65 years? Such a specific number to use or did your superiors just pull that number outta their ass? Also, any funny or goofy stories you can recall?

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Wow. That's actually really good. Thanks!

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Mr. Boyd, welcome. Is there such a thing as writer's block? If so, what is your strategy in overcoming it?