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Best of luck with your recovery and with becoming a non smoker. Can I offer two suggestions?

  1. Get "Alen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking"
  2. Subscribe to r/stopsmoking

I started smoking at 14. I smoked 10-15 cigarettes a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

About 5 years ago I get this weird pain. Started in my jaw and moved to my chest. I thought it was a heart attack... but it passed after about 3 minutes. I look it up online, and it said that the pain was most probably 'stress induced', but tobacco was definitely a factor. 6 months later it happens again. Then again. I had heard about Allen Carr. I downloaded the book. It stayed there, unread, until that weird pain happened for the fourth time. I started reading the next day.

I was 'relieved' that the first instruction in the book is keep smoking until you're done. I took a while to read this small book, ironically because I only read it while smoking. Halfway through the book, smoking started to be a chore. Something that I HAD to do, not something that I enjoyed doing. I made it a point to only read while smoking to make that lesson stick.

The last day I smoked I smoked 4 cigarettes. They all tasted like shit. It felt so satisfying to read that last page, smoke that last cigarette (only half of it) and throw it away with my lighter.

I got cravings, sure. But the book teaches you how to deal with them, how to play the mental game of quitting.

BTW, I quit 1,251 days ago. I have not had that weird pain since I quit smoking.

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Well we are OUT of cake

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When are you starting your political career full time?

We've seen you perform live a bunch of times (in a nice 'we are fans' way not in a 'we are stalking you 'way), most recently in Austin, TX! Also wanted to say we just rewatched "Dress to Kill' and we were in awe of how many phrases from that special are an integral part of our daily conversations... from "its very nice" when describing food, 'cake or death' when offering desert or even 'la plume de ma tante' when we are just being silly (or 'no flag no country' to end arguments)

Thank you for all the laughs!