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Best of luck with your recovery and with becoming a non smoker. Can I offer two suggestions?

  1. Get "Alen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking"
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I started smoking at 14. I smoked 10-15 cigarettes a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

About 5 years ago I get this weird pain. Started in my jaw and moved to my chest. I thought it was a heart attack... but it passed after about 3 minutes. I look it up online, and it said that the pain was most probably 'stress induced', but tobacco was definitely a factor. 6 months later it happens again. Then again. I had heard about Allen Carr. I downloaded the book. It stayed there, unread, until that weird pain happened for the fourth time. I started reading the next day.

I was 'relieved' that the first instruction in the book is keep smoking until you're done. I took a while to read this small book, ironically because I only read it while smoking. Halfway through the book, smoking started to be a chore. Something that I HAD to do, not something that I enjoyed doing. I made it a point to only read while smoking to make that lesson stick.

The last day I smoked I smoked 4 cigarettes. They all tasted like shit. It felt so satisfying to read that last page, smoke that last cigarette (only half of it) and throw it away with my lighter.

I got cravings, sure. But the book teaches you how to deal with them, how to play the mental game of quitting.

BTW, I quit 1,251 days ago. I have not had that weird pain since I quit smoking.