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Once, the Kaiser Wilhelm (yeah, the “bad guy” of World War I) visited a prison, where every inmate was pleading his innocence.

Except one, who just stood there, staring silently at the Kaiser.

— And you? Are you not innocent?

— I am totally guilty, sire.

The Kaiser then turned to the warden and told him:

— Release this man, I will not have this guilty scoundrel corrupt all the innocent men in here!

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Speaking of toast, light or scorched?

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Go on…

Specifically, what do you think of New-Hampshire that now “allows”* defence lawyers to mention nullification to the jury?

* I “air-quote” it because it is ludicrous that a judge could prevent the defence lawyer from mentionning nullification to the jury. If anyone ought to do that, it’s the judge in the instructions to the jury.

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Your thoughts on "airgap viruses"???

(Bonus question: is it true that when you multiply two Mersenne primes, the result is another Mersenne prime?)

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I’d even go further and say that any law that was nullified more than 50% in a year should be taken off the books.

Or at least sent to judicial review, or be voted on by the legislature again.