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you came here to say you were fed up with the misconceptions of your country. I always had the conception that Nigeria was full of scammers, had an extremely ignorant population, extremely poor infrastructure, unbelievably backwards thinking on gay rights and womens rights, and a government that is nothing but corrupt. And honestly all of your answers seem to back this up.

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Or we could stop politicizing the language altogether.

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I would include that our culture has actively dehumanizing nazis through media.

The bad guys that are often mass killed in video games and movies are often nazi affiliated or inspired, which has certainly helped to make them seem less than human.

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Yup, I just think it's funny that currently (and of course just focusing on reddit bias) all political opposition is either a nazi, or a bot. Both of which have been the focus of our cannon fodder for media the past 30 years.

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Could you get off your knees? Because you're blowing the game.