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I agree with this. If you want to make a game, use an engine. The only reason you should make your own engine is if your game is really simple, or you just want to learn how to make an engine. Most engines let you supplement the engine with your own binary code, so even if you need something really unconventional, you can usually add it to the engine.

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I don't know too much about Godot, but my cousin is making a game with it, and he told me about the new features in 3.0, it seems pretty exciting.

He also uses Godot at work at Google to make basic UIs, because it's easier than making it in python

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Depends completely on the field of programming. Things like games only use basic trigonometry typically. Scientific research programming uses a lot more algorithmic programming. Artificial Intelligence uses a bit, but machine learning takes care of "building" the algorithm for you, so you just have to understand how the generate the algorithm for the task.

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I wouldn't really call that U.S culture, more like U.S. laws. I think OP's answer was pretty in-line with what you originally asked.

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He's asking if you need a big, flaccid penis for this line of work