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Can this be fitted with a turbo encabulator?

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I had never heard of the CDT but looking at the map i see it goes through new mexico. Isn't that like mostly desert? How did you carry enough water?

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Thanks a lot. Just so you know, it seems from your posts that you're pretty down on yourself. You're very intelligent and very, very few people could manage those type of stores. I know it's fast food, but management is management and not everybody can do it. Don't sell yourself short, or I hope you're not selling yourself short.

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New Mexico is mainly desert right?

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Yes thank you. In the business publications when McDonald's gets a new ceo, it's always a big deal and each one tries things differently.

Sorry, I have another question. You mentioned turning around troubled restaurants. Has a franchisee ever "lost" a McDonald's? I know they monitor their franchises closely. How can that even happen? You need a lot of money to get a franchise and aren't they pretty much gold mines?