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How are gas prices not affected at all by the plummeting price of oil?

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It's just funny, a refinery in my state has a power outage and suddenly we see a 85 cent spike, but Saudi Arabia starts selling their oil for pennies on the dollar in a ploy to price out shale oil operations and I'm still sitting here looking at 3.84 a gallon.

Too many industries in this world are just immune to market swings. They can sell us Gas at a ridiculous profit margin because at the end of the day what are our options? Stop using motor vehicles? It's a shame that the whole country has to suffer just for a small handful of people to make money that they'll never spend because they're old fucks that will never make it long enough to spend it.

And then people like Donald Trump are born and they inherit it and perpetuate the system.

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How do you remember that you have the notebook?

Like if i stole it from you for 8 hours, would you just be completely lost?