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How do you balance giving a true account of a protest vs. showing viewers the most exciting thing that happened? I mean suppose 95% of what’s going on is people protesting peacefully, and just a few hotheads are smashing things. How do you choose your subject? Even If you take 100 pictures, isn’t an editor likely to pick the most exciting one?

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Thanks, it wasn’t meant at all as a criticism, well maybe of editors, or or the whole news system... not of the photographer.

But it’s a pattern I see: “If it bleeds, it leads”

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I’m not trying to be critical, but just curious... why do you think so few congregations have been holding outdoor services during the pandemic? It seems like such a natural thing to me.

Good sound systems and giant monitors are not crazy expensive in the scheme of things.

Why haven’t we seen outdoor public prayer meetings on the steps of the Lincoln memorial and the like?

You could do it relatively safely I think. Make sure you socially distanced. Chalk circles on the lawn like they do in the parks for sun bathers, etc.

I’m not religious myself, I wasn’t raised with it, but I have enormous respect for the comfort that people get from their religious observance. It seems like in these horrible times we could use some prayer.

Maybe I’m missing something, and it’s happening somewhere, but the only time churches are showing up in my news is when some crazy televangelist type refuses to stop having maskless services inside, or when someone like that tests positive for covid.

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I’m so sorry to hear you say that! It’s so sad!

When the smallpox vaccine came, there was national celebration. Church bells rang and people held prayer services thanking God for helping the scientists find the way.

I’m firmly on the other side of that “debate” but it’s so sad to me that we can’t all declare a Christmas Truce and sing carols across the trenches for the vaccine. It’s such an amazing achievement for science, but also for what the best of humanity can do when we come together.

We need bells to ring and also some kind of mourning for our terrible losses.

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I’ll join you in both, brother.