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Poverty. The number of high poverty neighborhoods or tracts in Detroit grew from 51 in 2000 to 184 by 2013. That's happening in lots of places.

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This is my favorite question. She would have known about Wallace and Goldwater so she would have personal experience to fall back on. She also would have been able to speak to the death of the establishment that previously would have been able to offer better competition to Trump.

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1) I meditate (not enough), I try to work out, I rely on the kindness of my colleagues, I do things I love and in which I find meaning and I worship and pray. 2) I am not sure I know how to relax. I'm not trying to be funny. It's an issue. I fortunately have an amazing family that helps me break this. I'm also going to pick the guitar back up again.

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I believe in kindness, sacrifice, idealism, generosity, reserving judgment, restraint, compassion, that a martini is made with gin only, and that the worst thing about a person isn't the most true thing about them.

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People who are excessively judgmental, unfair or rude.