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As people get older their workouts tend to change. Are you still doing the same lifting you were doing when you were younger? Or has it shifted in a certain way? Or have you taken up something like yoga?

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Wow you guys learn pretty quickly. Ever thought about starting a website to discuss TV shows?

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Hi guys, been a big fan of AV Club ever since I discovered your Arrested Development reviews.

Todd, there seemed to be a pretty big split amongst Homeland fans this season. Some loved it and thought it was roughly on par with season one, and some (including me) thought it drove right off the cliff of believably to contrived-land. Your reviews tended to side more with the former; in hindsight, how would you compare season 2 to season 1? Do you think some were being too harsh on it or do you think the decline in quality was real and tangible?

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No, he introduced Angeline Jolie to adoption

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italicsThe Revolution Was Televised.italics

Someone isn't using RES.