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jd1959 karma

Barry, first off, thank you for all the work you put into the podcast. I've been a fan of your interviews since the first Mohr Stories and Industry Standard is always a great combination of entertainment and advice. I'm not, and most likely never will be in the entertainment industry, but I feel like I come away from listening to every podcast better for it.

For my question, on the last Mohr Stories, you mentioned the time where Jay ignored your advice to go back for the chemistry read and have previously told of the decisions that resulted in "Buddies" and the fallout from that. I can't remember if this was discussed on your podcast, but what's your favorite story where the opposite happened...when a client or friend would look back and realize that they would not have had their "holy shit moment" if you hadn't been undeniable (sorry...couldn't resist) and convinced them to take your advice?

Thank you again.