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An IPv6 quantity of anything is lethal... gimme the 4.b billion horde of huge ducks, and perhaps something sharp to wield!

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In the morning, coffee. Lot's of coffee - I prefer fresh latte or expresso, but will drink nearly anything caffeinated at 5 AM.

In the middle of the day, more coffee.

At night, more coffee, and an occasionally gin and tonic or expresso martini (see a pattern here?)

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King - I do hope you are not an Internet Service Provider and just hearing about this now. If that's the case, my advice is to change professions quickly. ;-)

Otherwise, if you're just an typical organization, it's good to know that many of the folks accessing your website today are coming over mobile devices that actually connected to the Internet via a slightly different protocol (i.e. IPv6) You're website is likely connected only via IPv4. This should remedied as it will provide for more direct connections with better performance, and really is not much work. Talk to you IT department (or if you are the IT department, then go online to www.teamarin.net/get6 and then talk to your hosting company or ISP)

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We've actually been reclaiming unused IPv4 space for a while, with some very good results. We would have run out years sooner, if it were not for organizations such as BBN, the US DoD, Stanford, Interop, and others who returned unneeded address space as a result of these efforts. You can read more about that here - https://www.icann.org/news/blog/recovering-ipv4-address-space

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So, a major customer comes to an ISP which is completely out of addresses (or has some, but will provide them 4 for their business connection), and that customer says "route the /26 I have obtained or I'll get my 1Gb connection from your competition"

What happens next?