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Please list the top 5 things corporations, business entities and people can do that they currently don't to better protect themselves from cyber attacks and ransomware?

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Don't you have a conscience? putting American pigs out of work. I suppose you are for putting them on welfare and food stamps. What's a pig to do with people like you. /s

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Good list, I've often thought that remote VPNs from end users would be a big attack vector. Given people homes generally have pretty crappy endpoints. Any thoughts here?

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in thinking about practical applications of quantum computing, what would be the area of biggest breakthrough that QC can make on every day problems. As I understand it, since QC programming can hold all states of a problem as the same time. which means this is a massive optimization for complex analysis of a problem. So something like "find the best path in a graph given 1000 constraints" may take normal computing hours, can be done extremely fast with QC. is this a correct way to look at praticle applications? any other practicle application you can think of?