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I don't know if it's the worst airport in the world, but to us Parisian, it's the "Ryanair airport". It's small, far from Paris (1h by bus) and it usually equates with low-cost cramped travel. Although, the first time I went there, I thought the logistics was quite neat, the buses are synchronised with the planes and the planes are often on time.

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OMG two of my favorites bands joining together. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!

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Like? Could you expand on your interests?

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The eye of the expert always amazes me. What feature made you identify it as a whale vertebra?

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At what time during your research did you have the insight that led to your partial decoding? When would you have abandoned your research on the manuscript? Did you expect not to have any results after so many years of work? (I'm mainly interested in knowing why would you take the risk to work on a subject where you have a high probability to fail)