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I don't have a question Paul, but I did want to bring to your attention that the first citizen I know of to be prosecuted under the Ag Gag laws is a friend of mine from SLC.

Link to reddit post

Link to news report

Link to blog post about the arrest

I hope your group is able to combat these insane laws. It's worth nothing that the mayor of the city the slaughterhouse is located in, Darrell H. Smith, is a co-owner of the meatpacking company.

Edit: From her FB: "My ag gag case has officially been DISMISSED!!! Thank you all sooo much for your support, I can't tell you how much it means to me."

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I've got a little experience with contracts in my day job and have reviewed so many ones sent by orgs (especially in the FGC) that are predatory at best.

What would you specifically recommend as clauses for players to watch out for or negotiate for to protect themselves?

As an aside, I sponsor players in the PNW with my personal funds while trying to find them sponsors with actual money. I would love to design a quality contract for them, is that something your firm does and if so, what is the process of hiring your firm to help facilitate that?

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Your last portion is nearly verbatim what I have said to them. I'm glad that I haven't been steering them in the wrong direction because I know for a few of them they want that sense of accomplishment, but I didn't want them to sign anything Faustian.

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Hi Ryan!

1) What level of character customization will we see, concerning facial appearance, body type, clothing, etc.

2) Will we be able to modify weapons?

3) I imagine if becoming sick is an issue, some players would gun down those infected in the streets. Is there consequences for opening fire on civilians outside of predetermined PVE/PVP areas? Will the action come to us? Will there be a reputation/morality scale to reflect what kind of bastard you may or may not be?