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If the rumors are true and they resurrect Whose Line, would you ever consider being a guest?

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Hi Andrea! I've been to see you twice, both times in Kalamazoo, MI. The first time I saw you, I experienced one of the coolest moments of my life. After you finished "Ashes", not one single person in the packed auditorium clapped. After a moment of silent communion, you said "Thank you for not clapping." I was wondering if that has ever happened before, or if it's a common thing, or not? Because the second time I saw you, people clapped. And on youtube they clapped. But at that moment it just seemed wrong, and it took my breath away that one person could have clapped and ruined it, but no one did.

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There's a subreddit.

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I am glad this was as significant to you as it was to us and to me. I'm grateful to you for being the catalyst of such a powerful moment! Your work means a lot to me. :)