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I made a multiplayer version of Simon that is terrible.

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We let Ryan have his own computer this year

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TEE KO: SHIRT ON MY CHEST didn't make it

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Mad Verse City was originally Mic Drop City. We also toyed with the idea of using "HipHopTropolis"

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This is something we hear about sometimes, and it's an idea that is appealing as a consumer, but would not work for us. Every Party Pack is designed to offer a little bit of everything, and to have some games appeal to different people. We think each pack is unique, and a complete product that we want people to experience. On top of that, DLC does not sell very well. It's very very hard to get placement in digital stores, to get reviewed, and to do marketing. As an example, Hasbro/EA did a hub game where you could buy various digital board games, and it was really cool, but it did not make a lot of money, and they went away from that soon after.

TL;DR : We wouldn't make enough money if we did this and it would be sad.