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Ahhh . . . the mental picture of Bugs and Slappy has been totally unexpected, but I grok the 30K' view. Thanks for taking time to respond.

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Thank you.

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What on earth is furry? And the corollary, what's furry smut? And is it different from people smut? And here I always thought a sexual passage in a novel was smut. Shows how little I know. Nothing new there. Sigh.

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What's your process for sketching out an idea? A scenario comes first, or a scenario is required to get there? And do you lay out three sentences and begin filling in? Do you always know the answer before you first begin, e.g. the ending, or is it ever a surprise that comes in a flash of inspiration? Finally, is this available in paperback form, or strictly digital (not fond of digital and interested in buying a paperback to learn what this is all about). And if not your stuff, to whom would you point me for a primer, 50 Shades, or?