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  • Why to triptans make my whole body get that "sleeping limb getting circulation again" tingle/burn?

  • Why does caffeine sometimes trigger a migraine, but sometimes it helps make one go away?

  • Why do some beer/wine/wiskey's trigger a migraine?

  • Why do opiates (codeine, hydrocodone, etc) trigger a headache?

  • Why does it seem like my sense of hearing, smelling and taste are stronger when a migraine is starting up?

  • Since a migraine causes a bunch of pain and other sensations that don't indicate anything is actually broken, are they essentially hallucinations?

  • Why do some frequencies of flashing/strobing lights seem to trigger a migraine?

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What are your favorite types of strings and rosin, and how often do you rosin?

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You need to find yourself a headache/migraine specialist. I went from my internist suggesting OTC pain meds, to a neurologist proscribing strong narcotics, then finally a headache specialist putting me on a very low dose of anti-depressants, no caffeine, regular exercise, regular diet and a normal sleep schedule. I went from having headaches/migraines almost every day of the week to once every 2-3 months.

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Hmm, no footbag, no football, no green items, no dark-caramel tans and no churrasco. I think we need more proof :)

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Have you tried seeing a headache clinic? I've had great results in one.

I suffered from occasional migraines (2-3 a month that each lasted for 3 days) from 12 years of age to 35 years of age. At the beginning, I was told to take Advil and that I would out grow them at adulthood. Hit 21 and still suffered from them.

Primary doctor referred me to a neurologist when the headaches developed into a daily background headache (2-5 pain) in addition to the periodic migraines. He put me on rescue drugs (Imitrex, Maxalt) and strong pain killers (fioricet with codeine or related). Did all the blood tests, diagnostics, scans etc. Did the whole food and events calendar charting thing and that didn't help. Maybe it was me not tracking very well?

Neurologist started me on various daily medications. Anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-seizure. We upped the dosage until headaches stopped. My mind was in a fog and I failed a semester in college. I decided I would live with pain and be able to use my brain.

A few years ago, the neurologist decided to refer me to a headache specialist clinic. He took me off the opiates and made me stop caffeine cold turkey for a month (coffee, soda, chocolate). He got me a triptan injector and told me to take Naproxen Sodium for pain.

  • After a few weeks of being off the caffeine and opiates, the background headache was mostly gone
  • The injector plus naproxen sodium worked very fast in stopping most migraines.
  • He started me on a very low dose of topiramate and my background headaches and migraines became less frequent.

Today, I get 1 migraine every 3 months. An injection generally stops it, or at least keeps it below a 3 pain.

In other words, keep seeking treatment. Find a headache specialist.

If you want more info, please feel free to ask me. Migraines suck and are so much more than just the pain.