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I watched part of the live stream today, you mentioned that there was over 30Gb of video and image data sent back. How does that work? My understanding is that the bandwidth is relatively small when sending data back to Earth so I cant imagine livestreaming 23 HD cameras back is the way to do that.

For instance the video data from the crane platform - was that streamed to MRO or Percy and cached for future data transfer?

Thanks and congrats on an awesome achievement.


Just thought, if you are caching the data, I assume Percy has a HDD or SSD. How big is that? Are there any easter eggs on that you sent with? I know there are some people putting images on rovers that are going to the moon, anything like that?

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I think the plan is to have the Percy take video of Ingenuity and vice versa.

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Well I guess Malaysia air is out.

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My guess is that it will fly and record the video, land, recharge and transmit data to Percy who will then send it back to Earth.