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Hi Professor! I took your class on public health advocacy a year ago (spring 2018) and it was one of my favorite classes I took in school. I would love to hear more on what you think the best approach is for regulating vaping products - as there is a benefit vis a vis weaning smokers off of cigarettes - while still preventing youth risks (especially considering youth vaping, nicotine or otherwise, can change a teen's perspective on tobacco products). I recently wrote an article about this for work but would love to hear more about what you think should be done in this area? What is the best way to address regulation that doesn't prevent those who actually benefit from vaping products to have access?

jaymichele9132 karma

Thank you for this! I was also wondering - how do you think we can educate youth on current vaping dangers before these regulations are put in place? I've talked to people with high-school aged siblings, and they've said they've seen their siblings and their friends go through a single Juul pod a day without thinking anything of it. What is the best way to alert youth to this fact while waiting for regulatory action to take place?