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I would watch the shit out of that episode.

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It's usually all in good fun. If I ever get a "draw x" I usually do it. I had one customer request that I "lick the doorknob". No thanks.

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I'm a pizza delivery driver myself. It's sort of a common misconception that you should deliver based on percentage for pizza delivery. For most orders (whether it's a $5 order or a $75 order), I do roughly the same amount of work. It takes me basically no extra effort to deliver 1 side order of fries than to deliver 5 large deluxe pizzas, so there's no reason to tip $1 for one of them but $15 for the other.

For almost all orders, $5 is a solid, good tip and a reasonable driver won't complain (as long as you're polite and you don't make them wait 15 minutes for you to come to the door). The only exception is that if you order enough that it genuinely requires more time and effort for the driver (like 20 pizzas for a business party or something of that nature) then consider tipping a bit more. But of course, as with any tips, you don't have to tip at all if you don't want to (but that makes you a bit of an asshole in my opinion).

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That's still not much of a 'normal person job'. Just a 'less insane celebrity job'.

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In the end, it's up to you. Think of it as more of a spectrum. You can order one pizza and give $5 and it will be quite a good tip. Order 8 pizzas and give $5, alright, that's still solid. Order 100 pizzas and give $5, that's kinda mediocre.

It also depends on other factors. Most importantly, the distance from the store matters a lot. If I deliver to the apartments right next to the store I work at and they give me $2, it's fine because it took me 3 minutes to get there. If I have to drive for 20 minutes and you tip $2, you best believe I'm going to be a little disappointed.

But again, it's up to your discretion. If you're low on cash, go ahead and tip $2 or $3 or whatever, it won't ruin the pizza guy's life. If you're feeling generous, go ahead and give $10 for a few pizzas, it might make your driver's night :D